Thursday, December 3, 2009

Windows 7 – Features I Love

Have been using Windows 7 since the first beta release and have been quiet impressed with how much thought Microsoft has given in to this Operating System. Following

  1.  Jumplist - I love it, as an Admin it comes very handy
  2. Snap, Shake – specially the use of Windows button and arrow keys works well with dual monitors.
  3. Taskbar – You can use the mouse roller button to close or open applications without having to look for the close button.
  4. Sharing music, document and more through homegroup now works with no expertise at all.
  5. Windows Search – Finally I can rely on it.
  6.  Windows Media Player 12. I still have not given up using VLC though :-)
  7. Snipping Tool. No need to get a third party tool for this function.
  8. Gadgets
  9. Windows Live Essentials (these can be accessed in older OS as well)
    • Writer – I am posting this blog with writer and it works great!!
    • Movie Maker – Easy to use and can save in many different formats or publish directly to youtube.
    • Family Safety – (still needs work) but can work well for conscious and smart parents and guardians out there.
  10. Windows XP Mode – Application incompatibility is not a question at all.

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