Sunday, December 27, 2009

If Active Directory System Discovery does not work

If you are using Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager and Active Directory System Discovery does not show new computers added to your Active Directory then following will resolve the issue.

There is a bug in SCCM SP2 that does not resolve the LDAP query for newly added computer objects. To make it work:

  • Go to Site Management > Site Name > Site Settings > Discovery Methods
  • Go to the properties of Active Directory System Discovery
  • In the General Tab, Click on the new button to and chose Custom LDAP or GC query query should be based on the following. (remember to check Recursive and Include Groups if needed)


  • To put the above in context: Lets say your domain name is and the name of the LDAP server is then the query will look like the following.  (389 is the default LDAP port)


  • If the same was to be done for an OU named Workstations in the above domain, following query can be used.


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