Saturday, December 12, 2009

Mouse gestures in Google Chrome?

I have always been a great fan of developing Human ability to interact naturally with machines and Using Gestures is one of the basic methods I incorporate and appreciate in my daily computer usage. Its great feeling to not to have to use buttons and menus to interact with a program or OS itself.

I had not been able to use Google Chrome for a while because I am used to using gestures while browsing  and with some third party tools I was able to make it work but didn’t have much choices when it came to customizing the tools to create my own gestures and with some it was just not compatible.

Not until I found gMote, I was fully able to move to using Chrome. I have been a loyal user of FireFox and IE, but due to some recent concerns expressed about the increasing vulnerabilities of FireFox, I had to make some choices and I think for now I will chose Chrome. IE will still be in picture for many reasons.

gMote also works great with Windows 7, Microsoft should really think about incorporating gestures in the OS!! It makes a great difference.

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