Tuesday, December 15, 2009

4Shared giving 10Gb Free space for Sharing or Storing data online!!!!

I have been using 4shared for a few years and have found it to be one of the best data storage and file sharing sites. User interface is very intuitive and easy to use and 5Gb space + 100Mb size file download was already great! Now free 4shared users have 10Gb space and the maximum file size that can be uploaded is now 200Mb.

following is the message sent from 4shared to the free users.

Great presents from 4shared!
Progress indicates generally forward moving and always brings innovations for something better. This time enhancement will be much appreciated by our Free users because we prepared a significant present for them. Basic feature set for Free accounts was altered and these changes are as always in your favor! Storage space of Free accounts was increased to 10Gb, maximal upload file size was doubled – from now on it has become possible to upload files up to 200Mb. The number of your favorite subdomains was also increased to unlimited. You can have as many subdomains like myfolder.4shared.com as you wish! Thank you for being a part of 4shared community – community of progressive and forward-looking people! Hope you will like our present. Let’s advance together!

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