Sunday, December 20, 2009

Map Windows Live SkyDrive (25GB Free Online space) As Local Drive and Much More

Having 10GB free space from 4shared is great but it has its own limitations. What if there was more space that you already have like 25GB from SkyDrive!! Hotmail users will know what I am talking about.

Gladinet is a tool that allows you to map SkyDrive, Google Docs and others as a Network/Local Drive to your computer. Which mean you can have a drive letter that allows you to automate backing up your data and/or you can just drag an drop files.

I have been using the free version and my experience with it has been great!! It works great with Windows7. Speed and performance is relative to what machine and connection you are using. I use a DSL line and have not seen any issue with the speed..

Gladinet has made life easy when it comes to storing data online!! Enjoy using it.

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