Tuesday, December 20, 2011

KMS Activation Issue - Windows 7 on Dell OptiPlex



One of the Dell OptiPlex machines were not getting Windows 7 activated by KMS.

I tried running slmgr –ato with no success. Every time following error appeared

Error Code: 0xc004f035. The Software Licensing Service reported that the computer could not be activated with a Volume license product key. Volume licensed systems require upgrading from a qualified operating system. Please contact your system administrator or use a different type of key.



To fix this issue, update BIOS to the latest version available on Dell support site

Monday, December 12, 2011

As Kindle Fire Faces Critics, Remedies Are Promised


“..The Kindle Fire, Amazon’s heavily promoted tablet, is less than a blazing success with many of its early users. The most disgruntled are packing the device up and firing it back to the retailer.

A few of their many complaints: there is no external volume control. The off switch is easy to hit by accident. Web pages take a long time to load. There is no privacy on the device; a spouse or child who picks it up will instantly know everything you have been doing. The touch screen is frequently hesitant and sometimes downright balky…”

“..“In less than two weeks, we’re rolling out an over-the-air update to Kindle Fire,” said Drew Herdener, a company spokesman.

There will be improvements in performance and multitouch navigation, and customers will have the option of editing the list of items that show what they have recently been doing…”