Sunday, January 10, 2010

So-called GodMode in Window 7 !!! I call it AdminMode.

I don't like the idea of calling a cool shortcut or trick “GodMode”. However as you might have guessed, I like the trick itself. I would call it “AdminMode” because that's what it is.

In Windows 7 you can create a new folder anywhere with the following name


You can change “AdminMode” to whatever you want to name the folder. After the folder creation is complete you will see it listed as following.


When you double click it, you will see a list of commands which are either well hidden or require a few clicks to get to. With the help of AdminMode you get easily access all of these cool features at one place. What's even more great is that you can create a shortcut by right clicking any option and choosing create a shortcut, it will place a shortcut on your desktop.

Enjoy Windows 7 !!!!

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