Wednesday, January 13, 2010

NPS Setting for SafeWord 2008 with Cisco Router

When using Aladdin SafeWord 2008 with RADIUS authentication installed on Windows Server 2008, Network Policy Server (NPS) needs to be configured for RADIUS authentication with the router as RADIUS client. For Cisco routers the following authentication settings will work.

Unfortunately the documentation for Aladdin SafeWord 2008 does not provide the following steps, so I decided to put it here for anyone who can benefit from it.

After you have installed SafeWord 2008 successfully, made sure all SafeWord services have the startup type – Automatic and have activated it. Now its time to work on RADIUS Authentication, following steps describe the complete process:

  1. Open Start --> All Programs --> Aladdin --> SafeWord --> Configuration --> IAS Agent Configuration
    Under Authentication Policy click on Groups and make sure the following options are selected.ScreenShot065
  2. Steps below are for NPS settings
    * Open NPS Console, Right Click RADIUS Clients and select New RADIUS Client option
    * Provide following details based on your environment.
  3. Go to Policies --> Network Policies (Right click and choose New) and Follow the snapshots below



    Authentication methods are very important
    Click next in all the windows after this and finish at the end.
  4. Make sure that this newly created Network Policy is on the top and if you want disable all the other listed network policies by default.
  5. No need to touch the connection request policy already there.

That's it!! NPS authentication with SafeWord 2008 should work fine now.

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  1. This was incredibly helpful! Thank you so much!


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