Sunday, October 9, 2011

Send a WebPage to Kindle

I have been using a kindle for a few weeks now and I find it extremely useful.

Reading on computer screen is not comfortable specially I spend more than 20 minutes reading on an LCD my eyes start to hurt so Kindle is great for that. Anyways, since Amazon is not really paying me to advertise their Kindle I will get to the point.

There are many time when I am doing some research and I come across some great articles that I want to read online. I have two ways to read it on my Kindle

1. Go to the URL on experimental browser on kindle (not a great reading experience still)

2. Use a plugin with your browser (Chrome, Firefox) or an Android app to send the page converted to Kindle readable format (This is great!)

There is a tool called Kindle it, It allows me to send an webpage I am reading to my … email which converts it and sends it to my kindle.

To get the add-on visit

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